Need more answers? Our FAQ page has got you covered

How do you approach creating a digital strategy for a client?

We take an analytical approach to creating strategy regardless of the project. We begun with research to formulate consumer and targeted insights which then inform our approach to whatever problem you are trying to solve. We then quickly and nimbly implement our strategy to ensure the most effective results.

What is your pricing structure for your services?

Depending on the scope of your problem, we customize a package which will make sense for your solution. While the majority of our work is set on a monthly retainer fee basis, we sometimes offer a la carte services if the situation requires a flexible approach. Our monthly retainer minimum is $7,000 for most projects covering a range of services and options. 

What sets your agency apart from others in the industry?

We offer all the services of a full sized agency with the attention to detail and care that a small team provides. And because we are a small team, we are quick to respond to your needs. We are also a women-led team with experts in a variety of disciplines who will meticulously carry out your vision. 

How do you communicate and collaborate with clients throughout a project?

We accommodate whatever communication style our clients prefer, from strategy sessions to approval and implementation ensuring that our client’s concerns are addressed in a timely manner.