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Instagram Growth Secrets in 2023

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Written by Jessica Van Sack

In this post, we will delve into the strategies for building a sustainable and effective Instagram growth plan that not only brings in new followers but also ensures retention. It is essential to remember that genuine and significant Instagram growth is not instantaneous.

Typically, Instagram business accounts witness a monthly growth of 1.25% in followers. However, by implementing the tips outlined in this post, you can aim to surpass this benchmark and experience significant growth for your account.

Instagram Growth Secrets in 2023

So, here are our top Instagram Tips for to Reach more users in 2023

1. Don’t worry about posting SO many Instagram Reels: Instagram has finally admitted to over-emphasizing Reels in 2022. Although the platform still says that “Reels is the best place to grow” on Instagram, we think Reels are primarily for delightful, beautiful and uplifting videos. Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri says,“I think we were overfocused on video in 2022 and pushed ranking too far and basically showed too many videos and not enough photos.” Mosseri said that Instagram is working behind the scenes to restore a more even balance between photos and videos.

2. Instagram Collaborate Feature: Use the Collaborate feature on posts, allowing you to co-author posts with another Instagram user and tap into new audiences.

3. Instagram SEO: Keywords in your bio should be searchable. Consider including a frequently searched term in your Instagram name field.

4. When to post: Timing is important, so post when your followers are online.

5. Instagram Carousel Posts are great for growth. Carousel posts provide an excellent format for sharing educational or informative content, and one of their key benefits is that they are easily sharable. The more shares your post receives, the greater reach it will have.

6. Answer comments and engage. Pin the best comments in order to encourage positive interactions.

Now that you know how to reach more users, how do you get them to follow you?

Effective Instagram Strategies for Turning Visitors into Followers:

  • Optimized Profile Picture and Bio: A well-crafted profile picture and bio serve as the first impression for your audience. It should accurately represent your brand and provide a clear understanding of what your account is about. Consider it as the storefront sign for your virtual shop.

  • Content Niche: Followers want to know what you’re offering. Having specific and consistent themes for your content (topics you frequently cover) will allow visitors to make an informed decision about whether your brand aligns with their interests. Add a line to your bio that says “follow us for (the value you’re offering).”

  • Stories Highlights: Instagram Stories Highlights are prominently displayed at the top of your profile, making them perfect for giving a quick overview of your content. Keep them updated and aligned with your main content themes, while also supporting your brand visually.

  • Pinned Posts: Highlight specific feed posts by pinning them to the top of your grid. It could be a popular Reel, an introductory post, or a post that generates a lot of saves. Allow your best content to shine.

  • Feed Aesthetic: As the saying goes, first impressions are everything! Curating a grid that aligns with your brand, has a cohesive theme, and clearly showcases your content is one of the most efficient ways to convert visitors into followers.

  • LinkInBio: Having a microsite customized for Instagram helps to provide even more context, increase brand credibility and cements your unique value in the mind of your visitors. Keep this site up-to-date and ensure that your “reason for being” is clearly conveyed in this space.

Instagram Growth Tips in 2023

With well over 1 billion users, Instagram is a platform of fierce competition. (Sidenote: Instagram today is probably a good indicator of TikTok 3 years from now. Hint, hint!)

Instagram was once about how everything fit together in a feed – it looked similar to a store front display window if that helps with understanding. However things have changed recently.

Instagram in 2023 is multiple platforms in one.

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What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short videos (>30 seconds) that look similar to a TikTok. Instagram has said it will prioritize showing Instagram Reels which will delight users with fun and funny content. So, a good idea is to keep the topic light and fun.

That’s why Instagram wants you making Reels.

Instagram’s New Collab Feature

The collaborate feature is relatively new. If there’s one thing we know about Instagram, it’s that you must use the newest features if you want growth.

This allows creators to collaborate on posts and Reels by sending an invite to other creators. If they accept, the post will display both account names, and it reaches the followers of both accounts.

It’s more important to make each individual post more thumb-stopping (or relevant) so users are less likely to be distracted.

That’s why Instagram wants you making Reels.

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Remix your Reels!

Instagram has released its version of TikTok duets. It’s called remix, for Instagram Reels. The feature allows users to create content alongside any public video. It opens up a world of possibilities – you can react, collaborate, highlight or create alongside another creator, exposing yourself to a new audience.

Think about the possibilities when you Remix a Reel! It’s an incredible way to increase reach and go viral.

As you create content, try to think of ways to that your reel could be remixed by someone else. When people see your original video on one side, they’ll also get another version with all new content in which YOU are star.

Yellow House Creative Consulting LLC has cracked the Instagram code for its clients! YHC manages dozens of Instagram accounts and has grown clients’ accounts from 2k followers to 20k+ followers in a matter of months. In the last two years, we have doubled the Instagram following for This Old House, and we continue to invest in coaching and education for our own social media managers to keep our skills sharp.

Contact us at info@yellowhousecreative.com if you’d like to explode your Instagram following and generate ROI with Instagram.

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