Jessica Van Sack-Downey

Jessica Van Sack-Downey is co-founder and CEO of Yellow House Creative Consulting. Jessica sets the overall strategy and vision for our agency and leads a team of marketing professionals.

Jessica Van Sack

My Story

I founded Yellow House Creative Consulting in my little yellow house in Charlestown, Mass., along with my best friend Sarai.

Yellow House Creative is truly a different type of agency, and that’s what I’m proud of most. We don’t pay for a sales team or a big commercial rent, because everything we do is client-centered. Instead, we invest heavily in professional development for our team to ensure we’re seeing around corners, anticipate innovations and industry shifts.

After a decade spent in journalism, I embarked on my second career as an agency owner, gradually building Yellow House while still writing my tech column for a regional newspaper. Seven years later,

we’re a multi-award-winning marketing agency.  Along the way I helped grow a successful e-commerce startup GiftWrapMyFace.com, became heavily involved in some passion projects and learned TikTok. 

I live on the North Shore of Massachusetts with my husband, a CTO in health care technology, my son, three rescue dogs and far too many tropical plants for New England winters.

-Jessica Van Sack