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Leads on AutoPilot that Convert for Medical Aesthetic Spas and Salons

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Written by Yellow House

When it comes to generating more leads for your business, you need to meet your clients where they spend their time. 3.5 BILLION people – half the world’s population – actively use social media. Nowhere else will give you access to the powerful tools and audiences that result in this beautiful domino effect of warm audiences>> leads>> appointment bookings>> conversions.

The old way: purchasing lists, demographic targeting, time-consuming appointment confirmation phone calls.

The Yellow House Creative Consulting way: your lead generation on autopilot, producing qualified, conversion-ready hot leads, with a no-show blaster that ensures your appointment book is always full. And that positive reviews are solicited AUTOMATICALLY.

Leads on AutoPilot

Let’s back up. For years we have been a leader in optimizing social media for multifamily real estate. Prior to launching our paid products at scale, we immediately noticed something … That no matter how beautifully we created a post and engaged with an audience, the only way to guarantee our efforts would pay off for our clients was to pair our organic content with powerful lead generation. The strategy didn’t exist back when we started, so we built it … creating the Multifamily Prospect Generator.

We quickly realized that the same general success formula – with a few tweaks – could be deployed to help other appointment-based businesses. So, generating leads for appointment-based businesses became our obsession and our passion. We now offer a game-changing product that generates qualified leads for MedSpas, Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetic Service providers, Salons and Spas, Physical Therapists, OT’s and more!

Leads dashboard

The Spa Lead Jetpack and the Service Provider Lead Jetpack are the culmination of years of research, testing, iteration and optimization.

If you’re a Medical Spa or salon or any service provider searching for a digital marketing partner, book a discovery call with us today! We’d love to learn about your business and provide you with a customized quote. Our discovery calls are low-pressure, virtual and informal. The worst case scenario is we get to know cool people.

Our Best-in-Class Service is delivered at Wholesale Prices via our Lead Jetpacks. Plug-and-play, complete with a CRM dashboard and automated follow-ups for your team, it’s the only marketing solution you’ll need to keep your calendars full.

Yellow House Creative Consulting can assist you in discovering how implementing strategic Lead Generation Services in your marketing approach can effectively amplify your outreach and connect with your target audience.

Want to learn more? Reach out directly: info@yellowhouseconsulting.com

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