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21 Social Media & Marketing Tips for Property Managers

Updated: Mar 5

Being a property manager for Multifamily Residential means wearing many hats. Property management means you’re an operations manager, maintenance expert, psychologist, CFO, sales director and marketing director … to name a few!

Well, we can’t help to fix leaky faucets and loud parties (although we actually have, now that we think of it). But the social media and marketing stuff … that’s where we shine!

We know the competition is fierce. And it’s hard to make your brand stand out when you’re responsible for literally everything. But don’t worry. We’ve got you. And we have a ton of resources for marketing for Multifamily Residential in 2021. So, we’ve compiled the best ones in this handy list.


Optimized Web Site

Firstly, this is your property management and leasing office, but virtual. And it needs to stay FRESH. Secondly, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Model websites already exist. So, let’s get inspired by them! We’ve pulled three of our favorites that check all the boxes. For instance:

  1. One Greenway

  2. Eastern Market (check out their great blog!)

  3. The Avalia (stunning virtual tour).

Why did we choose these sites? Simple. All have key features in common:

  1. Clear CTA to Lease and Tour

  2. Prominent Email Opt-In

  3. Detailed Neighborhood Info

  4. Consistent Branding

  5. Virtual Tours and Floorplans

Social Media Integration

The playful Gen Z vibe of Union Q is consistent throughout its collateral and web site.

One Greenway has timely, actionable info and clear CTA's throughout.

Eastern Market features the top three items prospects look for on a multifamily residential web site.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective marketing tools is still email marketing. So, build that list! Here are some specific tips:

  1. Nurture your prospects, use data collected for smarter marketing decisions and keep your residents informed with a newsletter.

  2. Here’s a great roundup of email marketing topics for apartments. ENJOY!

  3. Add opt-in forms anywhere it makes sense: to your website, your social media channels (even your iPad kiosks if you’re fancy like that). Your most valuable traffic is the traffic that you own, so be sure to keep your email marketing powered with a visible opt-in form.

Drone Videography

Video commercials won’t give you the bang for your buck that an amazing night-lapse can. Plus, aerial videos are a great way to fill your well of content. They create thumb-stopping imagery. What’s more, drone videos make even the most unremarkable scenes look interesting.

Resident Referral Program

A resident referral program is a key marketing tool. The great news is you don’t have to do this yourself. Rentgrata is a tool that does the hard work for you, for instance.

Property Management Event Programming

EVENTS like this are an amazing strategy. Events encourage a sense of community. They provide photogenic moments. Above all, you’ll have something to talk about on social media and in your emails!

If you invite them, they will come. In other words, your local dietitian, artist, chef and more WILL want to visit your community. They want to create connections for their business. And you’re giving them an audience. So,consider holding events. They can supercharge your email marketing strategy and your social media strategy. Some ideas include:

  1. Host themed events around wellness like “free diet counseling” or “vegan recipe ideas”

  2. Ask a local car dealership to offer free test drives to your community

  3. Allow a local animal shelter to host an adoption event at your community

  4. Hire a psychic or Astrologer to do free readings for the residents


Often overlooked by apartments, SEO is a great way to round out your marketing efforts. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, SEO is the art and science of being seen on the web. It’s about positioning your brand to show up in search results. Use keywords that will help you get visible, for instance. Secondly, try a service like ahrefs.com or SemRush to automate some of the work.

Reverse-Engineer the Property Manager Competition

Walk your competitor’s buildings. Follow their marketing funnels. Opt-in to their email newsletter. See if you can reverse engineer their customer journey. That is, if it’s working. If you stumble on some best practices, take your findings to your marketing team.

Real Estate Referrals

Set expectations on commission clearly, early and often. Ensure that real estate agents in the area are aware of your building. And be clear on your rates. Also communicate exactly what is required to gain a commission.

Social Media Virtual Tours

Matterport is no longer the only game in town. And that’s great news for property managers for multifamily residential. It’s easier than ever – and expected, that you’ll put a virtual tour on your web site. Tenants and prospects want to tour on their terms. Some will rent sight-unseen, and that makes your job easier, so don’t neglect it.

Neighborhood Outreach on Social Media

Neighborhood outreach is essential for multifamily developments. You’re new here. You need street cred. And nobody can recommend you to the locals better than the neighborhood hair stylist, the dog walker and the fitness studio. Social media is your BEST tool for reaching out. Property managers don’t have time for this. So, find a social media manager who will get to know your community. (A great example of a social media presence with neighborhood love is Alluvion Las Olas)

Neighborhood businesses love when a new apartment moves into town. It means more business and more traffic. Even better is if they can get their special deals in your residents’ hands. Property managers can make it happen. Create a special discount code for your residents. Add these promos to your email marketing newsletter. Residents will love you for it.

Instagram-able Scenery

Think of it like a “Kodak moment” for the 21st Century. Your multifamily residential asset needs to be Instagram-worthy. But that doesn’t mean fancy. It just means photogenic. For social media. Add this to your property management checklist. Decorate bare walls with fun phrases (see our favorite store for moss art), light-up letters and even a step-and-repeat.

Lead Generation

A lead generation robot uses your content as advertisements. And it turns leads into leases. With this system, property managers can automatically generate appointment bookings, brand awareness and qualified leads. This will ensure you reach occupancy goals. And that you do so quickly and inexpensively.

Lease Renewal Program

Having a good strategy for lease renewal is important. Firstly, a good lease renewal strategy should be simple and focused. Secondly, you know when the peak move-in and move-out dates are for your market. And you know when your leases are scheduled to expire. So, make sure that you budget your advertising and marketing spending plans to begin two months before the season.

Fair Housing Education for Property Managers

Familiarize yourself with the federal Fair Housing Act. And ensure that a property manager’s direct reports are knowledgeable as well. Avoid discrimination because failing to do so will land you in big trouble. Above all, it’s the right thing to do.

Virtual Staging Software

Digitally decorate your units! It makes financial sense. But it also allows residents to envision their future surroundings, resulting in more leases. Eon at Flagler Village has done this. As a property manager, this is a no-brainer.

Social Media Influencer Program

Having in influencer on site gives your building great exposure. Follow these steps to create an influencer program for your multifamily community.


Use chatbots effectively – to give and get useful information. According to Sprout Social, Chatbots are programs built to automatically engage with received messages. Chatbots can be programmed to respond the same way each time, just as a property manager or leasing manager would. Read up on chatbots here. Integrate an automated chat into your web site, your social media and your SMS marketing with this guide. Launch a chatbot on your web site for free with Hubspot’s free chatbot builder.

Generate 5-Star Reviews

Collecting testimonials and reviews can be a huge property management challenge. But here’s why it’s worth it: negative reviews will be written whether or not you ask for them. The same cannot be said for the happy ones. So, you’ll need to ensure that you have enough positive reviews to negate those occasional hits. Here are some resources for property managers:

  1. How to Automate Your Testimonial and Review Collection Process, By Sam Stemler, March 3, 2020: https://boast.io/how-to-automate-your-testimonial-collection-process/

  2. How to create and share a link for your Google Reviews: https://support.google.com/business/answer/7035772

SMS Marketing for Property Management

Few things are more annoying than repeated no-shows. Prospects book time on your calendar. And then they don’t even have the courtesy to cancel or reschedule! We know, it’s the worst. But people are busy. And if you don’t remind them, confirm and double confirm, expect no-shows.

The best solution is SMS text message automation. Lots of digital services offer SMS marketing, but here’s one that we find is intuitive and reliable.

Get serious about YouTube and TikTok for Multifamily Residential

Property managers avoid these two networks like a plaguel. The simple reason for that is that marketing managers want to stick with what they know. And they’ve invested a lot in getting to know Facebook and Instagram. But Facebook and Instagram are ever-changing. Your brand needs to be on YouTube for these reasons. And in a year, TikTok will be part of every social media marketing plan.

So, get a leg up on those changes now. Convince your regional manager that your community needs a TikTok channel. In a year, you’ll look like a sage.

Cohesive Multifamily Residential Branding

Go back to basics on branding!

A common misconception in property management is that branding starts with a logo. Not so! And, your logo is not your brand. A new, modern logo isn’t enough. It’s not even the first step. The building, amenities and features must reflect that look and feel. Brand is everything that comes to mind when a consumer thinks about your business. So here’s how to start: Create a mission, vision and values for your building. An ensure everything your team does reflects that branding.

Property managers should hire an apartment branding expert to create a brand kit with consistent colors and memorable logos.

Start with Why by Simon Winek

Essential reading for property managers: “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek to understand how great leaders inspire great organizations with a clear mission and values.

People crave community. Research shows that we all want a sense of belonging. But social distancing has left many missing that basic need – literally. A study in Scientific American suggests that many may feel “starved” for contact following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Opportunity for Multifamily Residential post-COVID-19

An unmet need for community means it’s Multifamily Residential’s time to shine! As a property manager, you should showcase the amenities, features and benefits that you have worked so hard to create. This is the time to give residents the sense of belonging and community they have missed. Enlist your marketing team to create brand awareness at an opportune time for property management.

Beautiful Instagram Feeds on iPhone
Did you find our tips helpful? There’s more where these came from. Yellow House Creative manages social media for more than 10 multifamily residential communities, working with property managers to turn social leads into leases. Email us today to find out more – info@yellowhouseconsulting.com

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