Instagram Growth Secrets in 2022

Updated: March 5, 2022

If you’re stuck on Instagram and not seeing the growth you’d like, don’t worry: We’ve got your back. This article explores all of the changes to this highly visual social media platform. First some context:

Instagram Changes for 2021-22

With well over 1 billion users, Instagram is a platform of fierce competition. (Sidenote: Instagram today is probably a good indicator of TikTok 3 years from now. Hint, hint!)

Instagram was once about how everything fit together in a feed – it looked similar to a store front display window if that helps with understanding. However things have changed recently.

Instagram in 2022 is all about ENGAGEMENT. What does engagement mean? Not just comments, likes and shares.

Rather, Instagram wants you to COLLABORATE and DUET.

Instagram's New Collab Feature

The collaborate feature was rolled out late 2021. If there's one thing we know about Instagram, it's that you must use the newest features if you want growth.

This allows creators to collaborate on posts and Reels by sending an invite to other creators. If they accept, the post will display both account names, and it reaches the followers of both accounts.

It’s more important to make each individual post more thumb-stopping (or relevant) so users are less likely to be distracted.

That’s why Instagram wants you making Reels.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short videos (>30 seconds) that look similar to a TikTok. Instagram has said it will prioritize showing Instagram Reels which will delight users with fun and funny content. So, a good idea is to keep the topic light and fun.

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Remix your Reels!

Instagram has released its version of Tiktok duets. It's called remix, for Instagram Reels. The feature allows users to create content alongside any public video. It opens up a world of possibilities – you can react, collaborate, highlight or create alongside another creator, exposing yourself to a new audience.

Think about the possibilities when you Remix a Reel! It's an incredible way to increase reach and go viral.

As you create content, try to think of ways to that your reel could be remixed by someone else. When people see your original video on one side, they'll also get another version with all new content in which YOU are star.

Best Practices for Instagram Reels in 2022

According to Instagram, you should post an Instagram Reel that:

  1. Make it Remix-able!

  2. is entertaining and fun (I.e delights people, grabs their attention, makes them laugh or has a fun surprise or twist).

  3. is inspiring (ie starts a trend that others can easily participate in

  4. uses creative tools like text, filters or camera effects

  5. uses vertical video; horizontal videos are typically not as easy to recreate

  6. users music from the Instagram music library and/or original audio you create or find on Reels

  7. is an experiment! Try something new, be yourself and see what works for you.

Should you learn to dance like a TikTok Teen?

This article by the Later blog has a great summary of where the Instagram aesthetic is headed.

But the truth is that many of those “trends” aren’t necessarily Instagram trends – they’re social media trends in general.

What Instagram wants its users to do is actually really straightforward. Instagram wants use to use the app as much as possible.

The algorithm is rewarding a high amount of time spent on the app. Like, an insane amount of time spent on the app. No longer do you have to worry about posting too often or overloading your followers’ feed. Our co-founder Jessica offers three reasons why you’re in an Instagram slump. So check this out and learn some other best practices:

Now you may be thinking, “how many Reels should I post, exactly?” And, “how many feed posts, exactly?”

The truth is we’re not going to commit to a number because there isn’t one. We can give you a general sense of what works, but we aren’t going to pretend that arbitrary numbers are part of some secret body of knowledge that social media managers have.

No, 12 hashtags isn’t the magic number of hashtags you should use on Instagram (Update: Instagram has just come out and stated that 7-12 hashtags is ideal so as to not confuse the algorithm). No, 6 Reels a day will not unlock some secret level in the algorithm.

Instagram isn’t going anywhere, so you’ll want to learn some strategies for success.

Instagram Strategy Tips

Post more often in 2022, mostly Reels and Stories. Don’t put as much thought and planning into your content if you’re a one-person creator or a small business. Just post. Post your thoughts. Your trials. Your weird musings.

Go follow Rachel Pedersen and see how often she posts and what she posts. If you’re short on time, Rachel’s posting style and frequency can be a goal. You may not be quite as prolific unless you’re an insanely extroverted and outgoing person, and that’s OK. We love posting for others a lot more than we love posting for ourselves, and that’s what fuels us.

So there’s good news and bad news about Instagram in 2022. And if you’re someone who wants a concrete instruction, we’ve got you. Based on our interviews, reading, and own experiences, here’s a sustainable, ideal Instagram posting strategy for an individual creator in 2022!

Ideal Instagram Posting Strategy in 2022

  1. Frequent Stories

  2. Daily Reels

  3. Remix Weekly

  4. Consistent feed posts

  5. Weekly IG Live

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