Web Design: Introducing Dugri

Our clients Dugri have an incredible mission, and they needed a website that would present their product clearly and succinctly.

As a healthcare app, the website needed to appeal to both B2B and B2C audiences. Drawing from a robust branding kit created by YHC co-founder Sarai Nunez, the website design features a dual-purpose UX/UI to encourage app downloads and also business partnerships.

It was also important to maintain the calm aesthetic of the Dugri app, and YHC was up to the challenge!

At YHC our web design philosophy involves creating a first impression and great experience for the user – but also creating something sustainable for clients. This site is built on WordPress Divi, and can be easily handed over to the client for updating over time.

We are so proud of how it came together. check it out: Dugri.us