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  • What is BeReal? | A Guide to BeReal By Yellow House Creative

    In this guide, we will provide an overview of the BeReal app, discuss its features, and explain why it has become so popular among teenagers and young adults. What is BeReal? BeReal is a relatively new social media application available for download on Android and IOS devices founded in December 2019 by Alexis Barreyat. The app asks users to post one unfiltered pic spontaneously each day. Upon receiving an alert, the user has up to 2 minutes to share what they’re up to and can see the photos their friends also posted. The app is simple to use, capturing a selfie and front-facing photo simultaneously. BeReal describes itself as "the first social network where people spontaneously share their real life" Every day at a different time, everyone in the community is notified simultaneously to capture and share a photo in 2 minutes No filters. No followers. Just friends, sharing with each other On BeReal, you discover your friends' real lives and get closer to them According t o BeReal, the app has grown from 10k users in March 2021to more than 10 million (updated October 2 022), with 50 million downloads according to SensorTower. How do I use BeReal? To use BeReal, users must post one unfiltered pic per day. The app notifies you and all your friends at a random time each day, and you’re supposed to capture the moment — selfie and full frontal. The app encourages candid pics and discourages staged, inauthentic photos. Does it take you multiple takes to post a selfie? You'll want to break that habit. The app tells your followers how many times you snapped a photo before finally hitting send. Why does Generation Z love BeReal? BeReal is a celebration of all that is regular and raw. An errant toilet paper roll. Your favorite show playing next to a day-old bag of McD’s fries. The unflattering angles of so many chins. It’s like a grounding exercise for social media. You are here and you are imperfect. And that’s OK. BeReal is different from other social media platforms because it focuses on authenticity and encourages users to be themselves. BeReal is the perfect platform for marketing to Generation Z because it allows businesses to connect with their target audience in a genuine and authentic way. However, you'll need to have a focused approach if you want to market effectively on BeReal. What are some of the features of BeReal? BeReal states that it is working on building out a full suite of features that will allow it to scale to 100m users. For now, features are limited to: - The ability to share one photo each day, front and back - A newsfeed where users can see their friends' photos and leave emojis and comments - A chronology feature which shows memories and recaps the entire year's pics Why is BeReal so popular? BeReal appeals to Generation Z because it is the anti-social media app. Gen Z craves authenticity, and the app is about unfiltered, regular photos. Although BeReal doesn’t allow formal advertising, brands are finding creative ways to break new ground using the app. What should advertisers know about BeReal? Advertisers should understand that BeReal isn't the same as other social media apps. Therefore, the advertising strategy needs to be different. Users love BeReal precisely because it’s the anti-TikTok. It’s almost impossible to waste the day away on BeReal. BeReal leans into the unfiltered, plain side of real life. because what is over-produced is just as absurd and far less trustworthy. Do some users stage a BeReal scene and bring their vanity to the app? Sure. But those users likely won't comprise the majority of users anytime soon (otherwise it would be Instagram). That’s why one unfiltered front and back photo per is a winning formula for BeReal. If you’re looking for a social media app that is popular with Generation Z, be sure to add BeReal to your marketing plan. With its focus on authenticity and connection, BeReal is quickly gaining traction among young people who are tired of the superficiality of other social networks. Contact us today to learn more about how to add BeReal to your marketing mix and reach this important demographic.

  • The Benefits of Co-Branded Campaigns and How Brands Can Find Great Collaboration Opportunities

    In our connection-craving culture, brand partnerships are one of the greatest marketing opportunities around. Consumers relish them. Brands benefit. Uniting two brands in surprising ways has become the epitome of a win-win. Co-created campaigns offer distinct advantages: Elevation by Association: Like a barter, but the trade is brand value. Two brands working together can each fill gaps for one another. Co-developing product bundles and experiences is an instant refresh. Often, this can serve to reposition both brands in the marketplace and create a new chapter. Brand Buzz: Co-created ecosystems provide natural opportunities for earned media and a refreshing way to cut through the noise. When done right, these campaigns have the power to stop consumers in their tracks and leave a lasting impression. If you're looking for a surefire way to make your mark in the world of marketing, few things are more thumb stopping than two brands coming together to create unexpected offers, bundles and media. Needs Fulfillment: Co-branded campaigns expand the boundaries of what a company does – and the role that they are known to play in the lives of the consumer. This allows each co-collaborator brand to fill an expanded array of customer needs. The multi-product whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as it were. At least as far as the consumer journey is concerned. If TikTok, BeReal, Clubhouse and more or any indication, this era is one of content creation over popularity. Fueled by massive connectivity across all demographics, content is currency. Vanity metrics like follower count are totally inconsequential compared to content. And guess what makes great content? Unexpected pairings. To us, the more odd the couple, the better the brand collab. Some of our favorite cross-pollinations include ... Martha + Snoop Balmain + Barbie Smeg + Dolce & Gabanna Supreme + [nearly everyone] McDonald's + Cactus Plant Flea Market As marketers possess fewer options for targeting and look toward an opt-out heavy future without cookies, instant access to a new audience becomes worth its weight in gold. This is more valuable than a lookalike audience or even an influencer, because a partnership brings the benefits of both, providing instant audience targeting along with credibility. The ecosystem is rounded out by a direct line to conversion, usually accompanied by an exclusive product release of extreme scarcity and commodity. And the great news is, you don't have to be a household name to engage with a large brand. Big box brands love local activations and targeted collaborations, especially if they can hang their hat on some goodwill shop local love. Think outside the box, and don't limit your business or brand to its endemic audience. Here are four ways to find brand partnerships or get started: 1. For the low-hanging fruit of co-branded campaigns, simply reach out directly and informally. DM the social media manager. If there's no budget, pursue a brand partnership of a smaller, social-media driven for. Yup, it really can be as easy as that. Brand collaborations are easier than ever. On Instagram, for instance, one brand can easily tag a collaborator and co-brand a post. Social media managers are on the other end of the DM, and by offering them an opportunity for content, you're adding value and making their job easier. Start small with one collaborative post and see what happens. Whether your social media collaboration ends up being a one-off project or something that helps shape a larger collaboration structure, there are very few drawbacks to creating relationships with like-minded firms. 2. If you have a modest budget, spec out a local influencer collaboration with a small-sized business that has overlapping clientele. Co-sponsor an event activation or experience, be sure to create tons of TikTok-able and BeReal and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, and offer high-value influencer kits with goods or services that can be featured in their content. 3. With a five or six figure budget, you may be able to hire a freelance creative director to outline a co-created ecosystem plan. One of the best ways to find an agency level creative director is through a site called WorkingNotWorking. It isn't cheap, but it's not going to cost you what a full-service agency would charge. Hiring a creative director is a great way to ensure you're going in the right creative direction for your brand partnership. The freelancer will likely have agency contacts that can be called upon for a quick gut-check or even introduction to a potential collaborator or their agency of record. 4. For a seven or eight figure budget, a co-branded activation can yield multigenerational benefits brands. A visionary creative opps team will deep-dive into your brand positioning, assess your omni channel opportunities and arrive at the perfect crossover. Augmented reality campaigns, experiential, multi-sensory activations and limited edition products are among some of the possibilities your team may explore. Two Brand Partnership Case Studies to Learn from Lego & Stranger Things When it comes to brand partnerships, few are as well-matched as Lego and Stranger Things. Both are iconic in their own right and have a huge following of dedicated fans. So it's no surprise that their new joint venture, a Lego set inspired by the Netflix show, has been such a hit. The set includes 2,287 pieces and 8 Minifigures, all lovingly recreated in Lego form. From the characters and locations to the vehicles, everything about the set is true to the source material. It's clear that a lot of thought and attention has gone into making this the ultimate Strangers Things experience for fans. Whether you're a long-time fan of the show or just getting into it, this set is a must-have. It's a great way to bring the world of Stranger Things to life and add another dimension to your viewing experience. We can't wait to see what other exciting collaborations Lego has in store for us! e.l.f. & Chipotle The greatest brand partnership of all time happened when e.l.f.Cosmetics and Chipotle came together to create a limited-edition collection that included an avocado makeup sponge, spicy salsa lip gloss, and a palette inspired by Chipotle's serving trays. The products sold out in just 44 minutes after launching, thanks to a 360° social media campaign that reached e.l.f., Chipotle, and influencer fans alike. The live shopping event on the NTWRK app was also a huge success, selling out in minutes. Finally, the Clubhouse chat featuring marketing execs from e.l.f. and Chipotle was the cherry on top of this incredible campaign. The agency Movers and Shakers garnered 4 billion press impressions (NY Post, Forbes), unsolicited celebrity endorsements (Stephen Colbert, James Charles, Drew Barrymore), and a tidal wave of fan love. There's nothing quite like a great brand partnership. It's the perfect way to reach a new audience and expand your customer base. And in this culture of connection, it's more important than ever to have a strong relationship with your customers. That's why brand partnerships are one of the greatest marketing opportunities that exist today. By partnering with another brand, you instantly have access to a whole new group of potential customers. And if the partnership is a good fit, they're likely to be very loyal customers. So if you're looking for a way to take your business to the next level, consider partnering with another brand. It could be the greatest decision you ever make. Want to learn more? Reach out directly:

  • 10 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

    Instagram is becoming a valuable tool for making money. Here are 10 ways to monetize an Instagram account. Getting paid as an influencer. You can collaborate with brands on sponsored posts directly or through agencies that specialize in connecting businesses with creators. Another option for working with brands and companies is to sponsor events. This can be an effective way to generate income if you have a large following of people who are interested in attending the event that you are sponsoring. Subscription fees. Charging a subscription fee for premium content is a new, effective way to get paid on Instagram. Instagram subscriptions allow users to offer exclusive content and benefits to their most engaged followers for a monthly fee. Followers can subscribe through an in-app purchase on their mobile device. More info: Instagram Subscriptions | Help Center Creating and selling digital products such as downloadable graphics, using a platform such as Stan Store, Etsy, Shopify or WooCommerce: Linking these platforms directly in your bio and inviting users to take action with phrases like “shop now” directly in your profile will help to drive awareness. This creates a new stream of passive income that your Instagram page can promote. Bartering with brands in exchange for a discount or waived fees on experiences in travel and hospitality. Many hotels, cruise lines and more have programs designed to host social media influencers and provide discounted or free experiences in exchange for featuring them in posts. Giving paid advice by linking a platform such as BuyMeACoffee directly in your bio. If you have expertise in a particular area, you may also be able to offer consulting services through your Instagram account. This can be an effective way to monetize your account if you have a large following of people who are interested in learning more about the topic that you are consulting on. Online Course. Teaching followers a skill or a course on a topic you are familiar with, leveraging a platform such as Xperiencify, SamCart or Kajabi to create a curriculum. Promoting it to your Instagram followers and combining that with a nano influencer campaign will help to generate course signups. Affiliate Links. An affiliate link is a special type of link that allows you to earn commission on sales that are generated from clicks on the link. To use affiliate links, you will need to sign up for an affiliate program with a company or brand. Once you have been approved, you can start sharing links on your Instagram account. Become an affiliate and generate revenue by driving sales of products you endorse. Use a platform such as LikeToKnowIt to drive sales and place your LTKI link in your Instagram bio. Join the Amazon influencer program and get paid to recommend products and rare finds on the e-commerce platform by incorporating these items into your Instagram posts. Sign Up for the Amazon Influencer Program In-App Shopping. Instagram in-app shopping provides a growing number of tools for those selling a product. Shoppable posts and stories are a great tool to integrate products into your content. The shop tab allows customers to buy from you without ever leaving the app. Earn badges for going live. People can buy badges to support your live video in real time, while also connecting you with your biggest fans. More info here: Go Live and Earn Extra Income With Instagram Badges

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  • Sarai Nuñez | Yellow House Creative

    Sarai Nunez Sarai (pronounced Sara-ee) Nuñez (pronounced Nuh- yes) is Co-founder and Director of Design at Yellow House. When she isn't setting visual strategy for Yellow House, she is in full 'Canes mode, serving as Assistant Professor of Practice in the University of Miami School of Communication. Sarai is also President of the American Advertising Foundation, Miami . HOME / ABOUT US / Sarai Nuñez / About Me I am from the small Central American country of Honduras, where I spent most of my childhood before moving to Miami and calling it home. ​ My undergraduate degree, as well as my Master's Degree, brought me to the colder and unfamiliar climates of Boston, MA where I received a Bachelor of Science in Advertising (COM ’02) and a Master in Fine Arts in Graphic Design (CFA ’05) from Boston University. My teaching philosophy focuses on strategically solving problems in a creative and innovative way. I design courses that attempt to bring ideas to life with passion and a discerning eye for aesthetics – an approach that I have brought to this agency time and again. ​ I have with clients such as Nissan, Six Flags, Sandals Resorts, P&G Beauty and many more. My work has been displayed all over the country, from subway stops to the legendary billboards of Manhattan’s Times Square. As design director at Yellow House, I guide the staff in adding color and dimension to the ideas that drive conversations, engagement, discovery and Democracy. ​ The way to my heart is through travel and food, photography, vintage cameras, KidRobot and my soulmate Lionel Messi. Contact I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

  • Digital Marketing | Yellow House Creative

    RECESSION-PROOF YOUR BUSINESS YELLOW HOUSE We market for the year we live in. In 2023, that means we're the most results-driven boutique marketing agency around. ABOUT US OUR MISSION Our mission is to make you money by strapping a turbo-jet to the back of your business. Are you ready? Book a Discovery Call! BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY CALL Lead Generation We study the online and offline flow of prospects – optimizing and building out a fully connected client/customer experience – from awareness, to consideration, to conversion, to five star review. Multifamily Marketing Selling out and leasing up multifamily residential assets is our marketing specialty. From branding to collateral to event management, social media marketing, PPC and more, YellowHouse is the multifamily marketing agency relied upon by the world's top property managers. Web Design & Development Whether you need a Shopify store up and running in a few weeks or a custom-coded masterpiece from scratch, our website team can handle it all. Social Media Marketing Many agencies are in love with social media. That’s not us. We are clear-headed and strategic about your social media presence, ruthlessly devoted to ROI and results. Our Webby Award-winning team creates and manages thumb-stopping content strategy. Read More. Digital Ads We’re focused on conversions, not the “spray and pray” approach that many of the largest, well-known agencies still rely on. Our KPI is your growth. Creative Direction Meet your instant creative director! From movie-quality cinematography to directing and editing and producing, to full real estate photography and drone shoots, we do it all. YHC serves brands that are ready for sky-high growth. Discovery Calls are a great way to get to know each other. BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY CALL Client-Centered. Data-Driven. Women-Led. Client-Centered. Data-Driven. Women-Led. Jessica Van Sack-Downey Co-founder, CEO Sarai Nuñez Co-Founder, Design Director Meredith Jones Partner, Director of Account Management Carly O’Brien Manager, Content Marketing Alana Parks Lead TikTok Strategist Chelsey Bryson Director, Engagement Eileen Posadny Consumer Marketing Partner Client Testimonials “I love working with Yellow House! They make you feel like you’re their most important client and really integrate themselves seamlessly into your brand to ensure they understand the best way to represent you and improve your digital presence.” ​ Sarah Chasse ​ Series Producer, Ask This Old House “Yellow House stands out because they're forward-thinking, they're always in the know of latest trends and tools, and they're focused on data-driven results, specifically for the client's needs. They're always optimizing." ​ Solange Camet Vice President, Asset Management, Alta Developers "Yellow House goes above and beyond what's required and has truly become an extension of our team. They ask questions, get to the root of our goals, and proactively recommend strategies. They are responsive and roll with the fast pace and flexibility required when partnering with a startup. They are a pleasure to work with!" ​ Kate Driscoll VP of Product, The Dugri App "Jessica and her team at Yellow House Consulting are top notch. We use their services for marketing campaigns, social media, and branding, and have been blown away by the results and their in depth knowledge of the industry. We would recommend them to any company who is ready to expand their social media presence, increase lead generation/customer conversion rates and overall company profitability! ​ Ross Trethewey Founder, TE2 Engineering

  • OUR SERVICES - Yellow House Creative

    HOME / OUR SERVICES / Full-service marketing, customized for your brand. We design strategies for each client from the ground up. Some of the methods we use are listed below. Lead Generation What would 30 qualified leads per month do for your business? How about 300? At YHC, we create full lead generation apps and automations so that your brand is never without a pipeline of prospects. ​ Brand Identity Brand is misunderstood by so many. But it's actually pretty simple: Everything that comes to mind when someone thinks about your product or organization – that’s brand identity. It’s much more than a logo, and nailing it is one of our specialties. Web Design & Development Whether you need a Shopify store up and running in a few weeks or a custom-coded masterpiece from scratch, our website team can handle it all. Social Media Marketing Many agencies are in love with social media. That’s not us. We are clear-headed and strategic about your social media presence, ruthlessly devoted to ROI and results. Our Webby Award-winning team creates and manages thumb-stopping content strategy. We understand how paid and unpaid social work together to generate results. Digital Ads We’re focused on conversions, not the “spray and pray” approach that many of the largest, well-known agencies still rely on. Our KPI is your growth. ​ We offer everything from Google Ads to TikTok Ads, Spotify Ads and even iOS App Store search ads. Multifamily Real Estate Marketing Meet your instant marketing team! From movie-quality cinematography to directing and editing and producing, to full real estate photography and drone shoots, we do it all. Let us help you sell-out or lease-up, or jumpstart a stable asset's sense of community. YHC serves brands that are ready for sky-high growth. Discovery Calls are a great way to get to know each other. BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY CALL Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly. Email Subject Your message Send Thanks for submitting!

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