Dec 4, 2020 | News

Supporting Small Businesses on Social

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Written by Yellow House

We created a powerful social media activation for the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, featuring influencer posts and giveaways — all to help local mom and pop shops in Massachusetts survive their darkest hour.

The problem: Reports say up to 37% of small businesses have already closed in MA. And with patio season ending for restaurants, the worst is yet to come. These businesses do not have the funds to advertise and properly harness the power of their social media at this time.

Solution: User Generated Content (UGC). YHC launched a campaign to super-charge UGC for small businesses, allowing them to repost, interact and benefit from free advertising and influencer mentions. Content was indexed using the #BuyInMA hashtag, which jumped by 3,000 percent across channels during the course of this two-week campaign.

Supporting Small Businesses on Social - RAM

Why UGC?

So we need to shop local — everyone now knows that. But as the kids like to say, “pics or it didn’t happen.” If you love local, then make it social media official. Snap a pic, post and tag your favorite shop or restaurant. Consumers can fill a critical marketing gap themselves. Businesses can’t afford to meaningfully advertise. It’s up to members of the community to remind one another that many shops remain open and that they need you. That’s what the #BuyInMA challenge is all about.

We’re helping @retailersofma dole out $10k to consumers who shop and share. To participate, consumers used #BuyInMA and tag @retailersofma. That’s all you had to do to be entered in the giveaway. There’s no catch. Free money for supporting #shoplocal and #smallbusiness. ❤️🧑‍🎄#BuyInMA Social Campaign

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