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Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement in 2023

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Written by Jessica Van Sack

Facebook is still the largest and most important social media network for marketing. But, a lot has changed and continues to change for both users and advertisers of the Facebook App.


Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement in 2023
Facebook is still the largest and most important social media network for marketing. But, a lot has changed and continues to change for both users and advertisers of the Facebook App.
In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most effective strategies to market your brand and keep engagement high on Facebook. Below we will explain four game- changing Facebook engagement tips that are working right now.
And we’ll explain why your brand should remain on Facebook and stay as active as possible in order to generate brand awareness.
We know that it can be frustrating to post on Facebook without a clear sense of whether your marketing efforts are paying off.
You’re putting time and effort into creating posts, but …
– No one is liking the Facebook Posts
– No one is commenting on the Facebook Posts
– You wonder, “Is anyone seeing my Facebook Posts?”
To be brutally honest, the answer is … likely not. The irony is because so many people are on social media, it’s harder than ever to find the right eyeballs for the right content!
Luckily, brands, CMO’s and companies can still use Facebook for effective marketing in 2023. Read on for the latest tips and tricks on how to leverage Facebook for your brand.

Want to skip ahead? Facebook Engagement Tips:

#1: New Pages Experience

#2: Reciprocate

#3: Use Groups

#4: Integrate!

#5: Boost

Why your brand should stay on Facebook

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There are a lot of reasons your brand should remain on Facebook. Firstly, Facebook is still the most popular social network – by A LOT!

With 2.91 billion active users, Facebook has about 350 million more active users than the runner-up on the list of most-used social platforms.

Simply put, your audience is on Facebook.

In fact, at least 79% of users on 10 of the world’s top social platforms are also on Facebook. So if you’re wondering if your business can still benefit from having a presence there, the answer is ‘yes.’

Why is Facebook Organic Reach so Tricky? …

In the last year alone, the world has seen a 10.1% growth in social media use. That’s 10 percent more eyeballs for the algorithms to contend with. And it’s 10 percent more users creating and posting content. Meaning: the competition among content is mind-boggling.

Nearly half a billion users began using social media in 2021, bringing the worldwide total to 4.62 billion. As social media continues to grow, brands have a greater opportunity to be seen … but the flip-side is the crazy saturation.

Social media users are also splitting their time between an average of 7.5 different social platforms! So it’s increasingly important to have a presence on multiple networks-and tailor your content to mimic each platform’s unique experience.

Among the primary large social media platforms, Facebook is now the dinosaur. And here’s where it gets weird: Facebook is also still the largest, most important and most powerful platform for brands looking to generate leads on social media.

That brings us to the biggest question we get:

“Why is my Facebook Page’s engagement dead?”

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I ask questions on Facebook and no one answers!

Why is my Facebook Page dead?

Because there are more people and pages than ever before, and therefore your statistical chance of reaching people is lower than ever before.

Can I jump-start my Facebook Page Engagement

Yes, keep reading for tips!

Tip #1 – Use the new Pages Experience

Use the new FB Pages Experience to follow other brands and to create a Feed with topics that matter to you.⁠

The new Page experience is a way for public figures, businesses and others who want to build and connect with an audience and manage their professional presence on Facebook.

When you switch to the new Page experience, all Page content including posts, photos, videos, stories, and Groups your page is an admin of will automatically move to your new Page. All of your Page likes and followers will also be transitioned to your new Page.

And don’t worry — If your Page has a blue verification check, it will transfer to your new Page.

Tip #2 – Reciprocate

Like and comment back AS THE BRAND!

It’s human nature – reciprocation matters. So, don’t leave people hanging!⁠ You can’t expect others to do something that you won’t do, right?

“Choose people who choose you.” – Unknown Wise Person

Tip #3 – Use Groups

Create a FB Group. Use a Meta-Certified Community Moderator (like our very own Chelsey Bryson!) to ensure you’re following the best practices. Groups are the secret weapon for brand engagement. Right now brands still have time to be early adopters of this practice.⁠

💡 Contact us if you’re interested in leveling up on Facebook: info@yellowhouseconsulting.com⁠

Tip #4 – Integrate

It’s not enough to just do all the right things on Facebook. You need to integrate your Facebook Page into every other aspect of your ecosystem.

Examples include:

  1. Put your Facebook link or Facebook Group info into visible places such as:
  2. On store signs, such as at checkout and even on the door or in the window
  3. In your email signature and that of employees
  4. Letterhead
  5. T-shirts
  6. Swag

Connect your Facebook Page to your web site via the Meta Pixel (formerly called the Facebook Pixel).

You can use the Meta Pixel to:

  • Create custom audiences based on traffic to your site and different actions taken by site visitors.

  • Make sure your ads are shown to the right people. Find new customers, or people who have visited a specific page or taken a desired action on your website.

  • Drive more sales. Set up automatic bidding to reach people who are more likely to take an action you care about, like making a purchase.

  • Measure the results of your ads. Better understand the impact of your ads by measuring what happens when people see them.

Tip #5 – Boost!

A boosted post is just like a regular Facebook post. Except, you spend a little money to show it to people who would not see your organic/free post. It’s the simplest form of a Facebook ad, and you can create one in just a few clicks.

A little ad spend goes a long way on Facebook, and you don’t need to be an expert to use this feature.

Here’s a great article from Hootsuite which has everything you could ever need in order to boost a post simply and easily on Facebook.

Bonus tip: Don’t Forget to Ask!

Keep it short. But ask confidently and often:

“Do you follow us on Facebook?”

“Do you know about our new Facebook Group? It’s where we post all our exclusive tips and discounts.”

“Are you on Facebook? You can find lots of good info on our page.”

Still need help with your Facebook Page? Reach out to us for a Discovery Call! Yellow House Creative LLC manages dozens of Facebook accounts for social media clients around the globe! Contact info@yellowhouseconsulting.com for info on how to work with us.

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