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What is BeReal? | A Guide to BeReal By Yellow House Creative

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In this guide, we will provide an overview of the BeReal app, discuss its features, and explain why it has become so popular among teenagers and young adults.


BeReal is a increasingly popular photo-sharing app

BeReal is a increasingly popular photo-sharing app

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a relatively new social media application available for download on Android and IOS devices founded in December 2019 by Alexis Barreyat. The app asks users to post one unfiltered pic spontaneously each day.

Upon receiving an alert, the user has up to 2 minutes to share what they’re up to and can see the photos their friends also posted.

The app is simple to use, capturing a selfie and front-facing photo simultaneously.

BeReal describes itself as “the first social network where people spontaneously share their real life”

  • Every day at a different time, everyone in the community is notified simultaneously to capture and share a photo in 2 minutes

  • No filters. No followers. Just friends, sharing with each other

  • On BeReal, you discover your friends’ real lives and get closer to them

According to BeReal, the app has grown from 10k users in March 2021to more than 10 million (updated October 2022), with 50 million downloads according to SensorTower.

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How do I use BeReal?

To use BeReal, users must post one unfiltered pic per day. The app notifies you and all your friends at a random time each day, and you’re supposed to capture the moment — selfie and full frontal. The app encourages candid pics and discourages staged, inauthentic photos. Does it take you multiple takes to post a selfie? You’ll want to break that habit. The app tells your followers how many times you snapped a photo before finally hitting send.

Why does Generation Z love BeReal?

BeReal is a celebration of all that is regular and raw. An errant toilet paper roll. Your favorite show playing next to a day-old bag of McD’s fries. The unflattering angles of so many chins. It’s like a grounding exercise for social media. You are here and you are imperfect. And that’s OK.

BeReal is different from other social media platforms because it focuses on authenticity and encourages users to be themselves. BeReal is the perfect platform for marketing to Generation Z because it allows businesses to connect with their target audience in a genuine and authentic way. However, you’ll need to have a focused approach if you want to market effectively on BeReal.

What are some of the features of BeReal?

BeReal states that it is working on building out a full suite of features that will allow it to scale to 100m users. For now, features are limited to:

– The ability to share one photo each day, front and back

– A newsfeed where users can see their friends’ photos and leave emojis and comments

– A chronology feature which shows memories and recaps the entire year’s pics

Why is BeReal so popular?

BeReal appeals to Generation Z because it is the anti-social media app. Gen Z craves authenticity, and the app is about unfiltered, regular photos.

Although BeReal doesn’t allow formal advertising, brands are finding creative ways to break new ground using the app.

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What should advertisers know about BeReal?

Advertisers should understand that BeReal isn’t the same as other social media apps. Therefore, the advertising strategy needs to be different.

Users love BeReal precisely because it’s the anti-TikTok. It’s almost impossible to waste the day away on BeReal.

BeReal leans into the unfiltered, plain side of real life. because what is over-produced is just as absurd and far less trustworthy. Do some users stage a BeReal scene and bring their vanity to the app? Sure. But those users likely won’t comprise the majority of users anytime soon (otherwise it would be Instagram). That’s why one unfiltered front and back photo per is a winning formula for BeReal.

If you’re looking for a social media app that is popular with Generation Z, be sure to add BeReal to your marketing plan. With its focus on authenticity and connection, BeReal is quickly gaining traction among young people who are tired of the superficiality of other social networks.

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