22 Social Media & Marketing Tips for Property Managers

In this article we will detail 22 strategies for digital marketing and social media content marketing to help Multifamily Residential Real Estate Property Managers hit occupancy targets and create a sense of community.

Beautiful mural in a lobby of a multifamily residential asset
A great example of Instagram-worthy art, displayed in a Miami Lobby!

At Yellow House Creative, we understand how to use digital marketing and social media strategies to create buzz around a pre-leasing asset, a stable asset or an asset that needs repositioning.

Being a property manager for Multifamily Residential means wearing many hats. Property management means you’re an operations manager, maintenance expert, psychologist, CFO, sales director and marketing director … to name a few!

Well, we can’t help to fix leaky faucets and loud parties (although we actually have, now that we think of it). But the social media and marketing stuff … that’s where we shine!

We know the competition is fierce. And it’s hard to make your brand stand out when you’re responsible for literally everything. But don’t worry. We’ve got you. And we have a ton of resources for marketing for Multifamily Residential in 2022. So, we’ve compiled the best ones in this handy list.



IN 2022

1. Optimize Your Web Site

Firstly, this is your property management and leasing office, but virtual. And it needs to stay FRESH. Secondly, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Model websites already exist. So, let’s get inspired by them! We’ve pulled three of our favorites that check all the boxes. For instance:

  1. One Greenway

  2. Eastern Market (check out their great blog!)

  3. The Avalia (stunning virtual tour).

Why did we choose these sites? Simple. All have key features in common:

  1. Clear CTA to Lease and Tour

  2. Prominent Email Opt-In

  3. Detailed Neighborhood Info

  4. Consistent Branding

  5. Virtual Tours and Floorplans

  6. Social Media Integration

The playful Gen Z vibe of Union Q is consistent throughout its collateral and web site.

One Greenway has timely, actionable info and clear CTA's throughout.

Eastern Market features the top three items prospects look for on a multifamily residential web site.

2. Use Email Marketing

One of the most effective marketing tools is still email marketing. So, build that list! Here are some specific tips:

  1. Nurture your prospects, use data collected for smarter marketing decisions and keep your residents informed with a newsletter.

  2. Here’s a great roundup of email marketing topics for apartments.

  3. Add opt-in forms anywhere it makes sense: to your website, your social media channels (even your iPad kiosks if you’re fancy like that). Your most valuable traffic is the traffic that you own, so be sure to keep your email marketing powered with a visible opt-in form.

3. Create Drone Videography

An example of a video ad created by our Miami-based creative team and used to achieve 100% occupancy.

There's something amazing about drone videos for multifamily residential. They're a great way to make even a construction site look cool and cutting edge.

Plus, aerial videos are a great way to fill your well of content. They create thumb-stopping imagery. What’s more, drone videos make even the most unremarkable scenes look interesting.

4. Implement a Resident Referral Program

Renters want social proof before deciding where to rent. Get an edge over your competition by connecting prospects with current residents. Your residents are your greatest asset because they create trust.

And a resident referral program makes it easy. Rentgrata is a tool that does the hard work for you. According to Rentgrata, 36% of prospective renters who speak with a resident on Rentgrata sign a lease.

5. Host Property Management Event Programming

EVENTS like this are an amazing strategy. Events encourage a sense of community. They provide photogenic moments. Above all, you’ll have something to talk about on social media and in your emails!

If you invite them, they will come. In other words, your local dietitian, artist, chef and more WILL want to visit your community. They want to create connections for their business. And you’re giving them an audience. So,consider holding events. They can supercharge your email marketing strategy and your social media strategy.

Some ideas include:

Host themed events around wellness like “free diet counseling” or “vegan recipe


Ask a local car dealership to offer free test drives to your community

Allow a local animal shelter to host an adoption event at your community

Hire a psychic or Astrologer to do free readings for the residents

6. Get Your SEO in Gear

Often overlooked by apartments, SEO is a great way to round out your marketing efforts. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, SEO is the art and science of being seen on the web. It’s about positioning your brand to show up in search results. Use keywords that will help you get visible, for instance. Secondly, try a service like ahrefs.com or SemRush to automate some of the work.

7. Reverse-Engineer the Property Manager Competition

Walk your competitor’s buildings. Follow their marketing funnels. Opt-in to their email newsletter. See if you can reverse engineer their customer journey. That is, if it’s working. If you stumble on some best practices, take your findings to your marketing team.

8. Don't Overlook Real Estate Referrals

Set expectations on commission clearly, early and often. Ensure that real estate agents in the area are aware of your building. And be clear on your rates. Also communicate exactly what is required to gain a commission.

9. Post Social Media Virtual Tours

Matterport is no longer the only game in town. And that’s great news for property managers for multifamily residential. It’s easier than ever – and expected, that you’ll put a virtual tour on your web site. Tenants and prospects want to tour on their terms. Some will rent sight-unseen, and that makes your job easier, so don’t neglect it.