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Organic Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy, Channel Evaluation

Operation Shockwave is a 501(c)3 focused on veteran suicide prevention. This important organization needed to build a social media presence, bring in more donations and raise its profile to help fulfill its mission.

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Traveling to client events in Phoenix, we filmed and posted highly shareable, short, and informative posts featuring unexpected and authentic moments. 


  • Organic social media content strategy 
  • On-site content creation
  • Short-form video production, editing
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Management


Lama helping veterans with trauma

If you are serious about expanding your reach, trust the team at YHC as they are second to none. YHC’s greatest strengths versus other solutions we’ve used is their effable belief in our mission and deep-dive into unique market research.”

CaS Facciponti

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By leveraging ASMR, jumping on trends and deploying our proprietary TikTok formula, our content went immediately viral, resulting in an influx of new interest and donations for the organization. Operation Shockwave has also secured new partnerships since we launched the organization’s TikTok and re-launched Instagram in Summer 2022. 

@operationshockwave Did you know it’s no longer 22 Veterans that die by suicide every day… it is now 44 veterans!! The number does not include homeless veterans, non-identifying veterans, and counties and states that did not report. The number could possibly be even HIGHER… #icebath #icetherapy #oneisonetoomany #operationshockwave #44aday #22aday #ptsdawareness #suicideprevention #mentalhealthbenefits #supportmentalhealth #veteranhelp #usveterans #veteransuicideprevention #veteranshelpingveterans #purpleheart #llamaste #ptsdsupport #mentalhealthwellness #veteranfamily #youarenotalone ♬ Military (Epic Patriotic Cinematic) (1 min Version) - FlorewsMusic
Operation shockwave viral Streaking Post


  • 5.1M views  on a single post in less than three months
  • 4X inbound leads, leading to an increase in donations

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